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Sun, 07 May


Morning and Evening Ragas by Mohsin Ali Khan

He will be accompanied on Sarangi by Sabir Khan, on Tabla by Amit Bhushan, on Harmonium by Rahul Deshpande and on Tanpura by Hriday Bhushan

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Morning and Evening Ragas by Mohsin Ali Khan
Morning and Evening Ragas by Mohsin Ali Khan

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07-May-2023, 7:00 pm IST

Event Details

Morning and Evening Ragas are two distinct categories of Indian classical music. Morning ragas, also known as "prahar ragas," are typically played from sunrise until mid-morning and are believed to create a peaceful and meditative atmosphere. In contrast, evening ragas, known as "sandhi prakash ragas," are played during sunset and are characterized by a more lively and celebratory mood. The selection of ragas depends on the time of day and the season, as well as the specific mood or emotion the musician wishes to convey to the audience. The use of morning and evening ragas is an integral part of Indian classical music, and their distinct characteristics contribute to the richness and diversity of this art form.


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