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Fri, 22 Dec


SICPA Online Jazz Festival 2023

Welcome to the SICPA Jazz Festival, the ultimate celebration of Western Classical Music! Prepare to embark on a mesmerizing journey into the world of Jazz and Blues by some of the finest musicians from Denmark.

SICPA Online Jazz Festival 2023
SICPA Online Jazz Festival 2023

Date | Time | Location

22-Dec-2023, 9:00 pm IST

Event Details

SICPA Online Jazz Festival

The upcoming Online Jazz Festival by Indradeo Confluence, is an exciting event for music lovers around the world.

The festival will feature a lineup of some of the finest jazz and blues musicians from Denmark like Byorn Gold, Anders Kozuch, Simon Niblock, Tine Langtved Mitchell, Frederik Damhus, Sebastian Dahl. Attendees can expect a range of classic jazz standards to soulful blues ballads.

From established legends to upcoming artists, the festival lineup promises to be a treat for music lovers of all ages.

Last but not the least, whether you're a die-hard jazz and blues fan or simply looking for a fun and engaging weekend, the festival is not to be missed.

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